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Assam’s age old bell-metal industry sees new hope in the era of Sonowal-led government!


Guwahati, January 11, 2018: After being in a pathetic condition for a long time with scarcity of raw materials, deplorable health conditions of artisians and other problems, the bell metal industry in Assam is all set to see change with help of Assam government.

Despite being an important part of Assamese tradition, bell-metal industry has faced a number of challenges and has not thrived due to lack of government intervention but this is about to change as the Sonowal-led government in a discussion chaired by the CM himself, has decided to come up with ways to preserve the indegeneous industry.

Artisians will be able to earn a decent livelihood through financial gains. Sonowal also directed officials of Industry and MSME Department to prepare a roadmap for the deteriorating industry to flourish again. He directed the officials to take responsibility for providing healthcare facilities to artisans and also to gain insight into their grievances regarding raw materials, furnaces, etc so that their problems can be met.

The chief minister also issued order to the Industry Department to conduct a survey on the potential demand of the bell metal products in the international market and instructed the department to take action in developing skills of local artisans for enabling their products to gain popularity and platform in the international market.

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