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Arunachal Pradesh: 5 facts you need to know about Pakke-Paga Festival


ITANAGAR, January 12, 2018:

Here are the facts you need to know about the unique festival of Arunachal Pradesh

#1. The first Pakke-Paga festival was held in Seijosa on January 16-18, 2015. The idea concept of Pekke-Paga was first proposed in the year 2014. It was named as Pakke-Paga Festival, the word ‘Paga’ means Hornbill in Nyishi language.

#2. The Pakke-Paga festival was formed as a festival to basically celebrate the role of the Nyishi people in conserving hornbills and other wildlife around Pakke. This festival is meant to focus on nature and wildlife conservation with local people.

#3. Pakke-Paga festival is celebrated to create awareness among people about its people, cultural and wildlife heritage and helps promote tourism. The best hope for hornbill conservation is in Arunachal Pradesh.

#4. Pakke-Paga festival is an initiative by the Nyishi community to ban hunting of hornbills/protect nests and to use artificial hornbill beaks. Therefore, it is fitting that an eco-cultural festival that celebrates hornbills along with the Nyishi people, is held in Seijosa (Pakke Tiger Reserve), the epicenter of conservation efforts.

#5. The main objective behind this festival is to

-Popularize the role played by the local Nyishi in conserving hornbills in Pakke and surrounding areas amongst other villages and communities across the state,

-Focus on the importance of conservation of hornbills and wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh and 3) the need to reduce hunting of these magnificent birds.

-Create interest and awareness among urban Indians and external visitors about the cultural and wildlife heritage of Arunachal Pradesh, especially of Pakke Tiger Reserve.

Source: Balipara Foundation

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