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Few artistic types of Manipuri Emroidery

Manipur is a culturally enriched state with a deep-rooted cultural legacy inherited from the yesteryears. Also, in terms of scenic beauty, Manipur is a true paradise with its cloud clad blue hilltops, green undulating vales and gurgling rivulets. The true beauty of the state is well replicated through the rich and royal arts and crafts of Manipur.
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Manipuri embroidery makes an inseparable part of Manipuri art and craft and is done most artistically and painstakingly by Manipuri artisans. Women of Manipur play a dominant role in embroidering various types of cloths, garments and fabrics. Thus, embroidery-related artisanship of Manipur mostly comprises of the skilled hands of Manipuri women who create artistic masterpieces using a mere needle and bunch of threads. If you wish to learn more about the beauty, variety and ethnicity of Manipuri embroidery art, you may run a glance across the subsequent paragraphs.


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